New vinous experiences without signing up, just good wines and a reason to meet. Our tastings are informal, including four to six wines for 15o,-kr.

We can also arrange private tastings for groups of 6 to 12 thirsty people.

Feel free to contact us for more information.




23. October

Exploration of Slovenia and tannins

16. October

South west France heavy vs light styles and a discussion about wind and altitude

09. October

Euginio Bocchino in new vintages

02. October

Traveling wine maker, Mitch Sokolin, will be here to pour his wines from Italy, Spain and maybe somewhere else!

25. September

Pinot noir warm vs cold climate

18. September

Riberach Riberach Riberach

11. September

Cabernet Franc in classic and lighter styles

04. September

Celebrating autumn with wines from Julien Guillot in Macon

July and August

Always a tasting same time same day same price but we decide on the day!

30. june

Sunday – Birthday – All the winemakers coming – More info to follow

26. june

Warm up for our big tasting on Sunday

19. june

Garbolund will come to visit; wines from Nordsjælland for your enjoyment!


12. june

Red / rose / rosato?

05. june

Freshness and acidity

29. may

‘Juice’ (in swedish)

22. may

Bubbles; different methods for different results

15. may

Sherry and a lesson in oxidation vs sweetness

10. may

Special visit from Stefanie Loibner from Loimer at kl.15 – Achtung!

08. may

New wines from I Cacciagalli in Campagna.

24. april

Pittnauer – new vintages for a perfect day…


17. april

Treats from the Loire valley

10. april

Rosé for the sun and the shade

03. april

Richard Stávek from the Czech Republic with come by and present us his spectacular orange wines!

01. april

Rennersistas come to visit

27. march

Archive – celebrating spring with some rare things from our ‘secret corner’

20. march

‘Minerality’ and soil types

13. march

Sweetness vs acidity

06. march

Etna and altitude

27. february

Macon and Biodynamics

20. february

Burgundy night

13. february

Andras Kato from Hungary will visit together with our favourite terroirist!

06. february

Andreas Tscheppe

30. january

Franz Strohmeier old and brand new

23. january

‘Unusual’ burgundy vs. ‘classic’

16. january

Nytårskur – oysters and wines to match

09. january

Loimer riesling new and old

27. december (thursday)


19. december

Christmas III – Burgundy

12. december

Christmas II – Piedmonte

5. december

Christmas I – Austrian reds


28. november

Austrian sparkling wines – pet nat, ancestral and traditional methods

21. november

Etnella and maybe a game

14. november

Jura / Syrah / Jyrah?

7. november

Arndorfer of the not-handcrafted type

31. october 

Sherry Sherry Sherry!

24. october 

New wines from Winewise, thanks Stefan!

17. october 

Red, white, another white and a surprise from Christian Tschida

10. october 

An autumn trip to the Rhône Valley

26. september 

Marc from Krone vin is gracing us with a tasting of some exciting new things!

19. september 

Chianti with an optional side of fava beans

12. september 

Wines from our archive with old champagne, beaujolais, vin de voile and rioja

5. september 

Zweigelt and its parents: Blaufrankisch and St. Laurent

29. august 

Orange wines for autumn thoughts

22. august 

Pinots noir, blanc and gris

15. august 

Peter Veyder Malberg and Fred Loimer are in town and putting on a show

8. august 

Sherry and anchovies!

1. august 

Surprises from the cellar

25. july 

New magnums and fun from Oggau and Tschida!

18. july 

Emidio Pepe !!!

11. july 

New vintages from Vejrhøj in northern Sjælland

27. june 

Let’s check out Chardonnay

20. june 

Gamy from different corners

6. june 

Road works and new friends from Austria

29. may 

White wine from Dard and Ribo in 2015

23. may 

Petillant naturel, how it works and what it really means

16. may 

Stefan from Terroiristen will visit with tales from the East…

9. may 

A focus on Cabernet Franc and ageing potential

2. may 

MAGNUMS (big ones)

25. april 

Today we will try some new things form the Jura and discuss maceration and oxidation.


18. april 

Some new friends from Austria and Hungary in the sun.


11. april 

Gut Oggau are coming to make some noise.



4. april 

Tue Bach will bring wines and lolz from Volatilbar




28. marts 

First Day of the terrasse and rosé to match the weather, bring galoshes.




21. marts 

Weather report from the Côtes Catalanes and wines from Riberach and Matassa

14. marts 

A trip to the Steierland with wines from Sepp and Maria Muster.



7. marts 

Older vintages of Strohmeier rosé from our archives



28. february 

Riesling masterclass with focus on acidity, residual sugar and how they balance.

21. february 

Burgundy – We will take a small area and go deep into the soil, rocks and weather.

14. february 

Cider from France and Denmark – expect pears too!

7. february 

‘Classic’, ‘Organic’, ‘Biodynamic’, ‘Natural’ – We will look at the similarities, differences and discuss what is important.

31. january 

2016 Gut Oggau; A very small harvest meant that the usual cuvées from our friends by the Neusiedler See have got into bed with each other. Pillow fight optional.

24. january 

White wines from Austria, avoiding the better known grapes and styles we’ll delve deep into our cellar and find our favourites from off the beaten track.

17. january 

Beaujolais, gamay and a celebration of what red Burgundy can offer outside of Pinot Noir.

10. january 

Nytårskur – oysters and wines to match; think smells of the sea and minerality

28. december

20. december
Christmas III – Burgundy

13. december
Christmas II – Rhône

6. december
Christmas I – Austrian reds

29. november
Magnums looking forward to Christmas

22. november

15. november
Susanna Grassi from I Fabbri will visit and explain Tuscan things

8. november
Dow’s Port will join to present old and new

1. november
All saint’s day, old wines from old vines

25. october
White burgundy

18. october
Red Burgundy

11. october
Syrah to go with game – start with tasting here and continue with a special game dinner at Admiralgade 26

4. october
Jura whites and comte cheese

27. september
Visit by Meinklang!

20. september
New wines from Piedmonte

13. september
Frank Cornelissen

6. september

30. august
French whites

23. august
Wines by Martin Arndorfer!

16. august

Wines that goes well with sea food. Our Elephant will join us with something with and without shells

26. july


19. july

Fun Rosé wines in the (hopefully) sun

5. july

Rene will pour his favourite sherries!

21. june

A visit from Lestignac, we will learn the Marseillaise….

13. june

Joan from Costador visits with new wines and stories from the Mediterranean

07. june

New wines from the Rennersistas

10. may

Wines from the Etna Volcano and surrounds

22. marts

Sauvignon from the Steirerland

08. marts


01. marts

Skin Contact

22. february

Piedmonte; bring your own truffles

15. february

Looking forward to spring with some warmer climate wines from Riberach

8. february


1. february

Emidio Pepe, wear your favourite hat

25. january

Matassa has landed with new and older vintages

18. january

New wines from our friends at Etnella in Sicily

11. january

Nytårskur – oysters and wines to match

04. january

Gamay fra forskellige departementer . Gamay from different departments

28. december

Champagne. Champagne. Champagne

21. december

Christmas III Pre-juletide Burgundy

14. december

Christmas II Italian treats

7. december

Christmas I Austrian reds

30. november

Peter Veyder-Malberg after an inspirational trip to Wachau


9. november

A visit from Weingut Andert

2. november

Roucas Toumba; Vaqueras in new vintages

26. october

Euginio Bocchino has landed!

19. october

Blaufrankisch in classic and not so classic styles



12. october

Amphora wines

5. october


28. september

Weingut Sepp and Maria Muster

21. september

Wines from the northern Rhône

14. september

Late summer wines

07. sept

English wines with a visit from the esteemed Gusbourne

31. august

Back to school bubbles (la rentrèe)

24. august

Red Burgundy

17. august

White Burgundy

10. august

Red, white and orange wines from the esteemed Tom Lubbe at Matassa

Back to regular updates on our Wednesday tastings from today, we’ve missed you!

We have entered summer mode, which means we still taste on Wednesdays with spontaneous ideas based on you, the weather or random acts of kindness.

08. june

Unusual rosé for unusual weather

18. may

Sicilia and Jura – reds and a white

11. may
Light and airy reds for light and airy heads

04. may

27. april
Cold climate pinot noir with a little seniority.

20. april
‘Golden wines’ with short skin contact.

13. april
White wines with minerality.

06. april
Terrace arrived, rosé tasting! If stormy bring appropriate attire.

30. marts
Soon terrace will be here, so time for the last heavy reds.

23. marts
Getting close to easter, need bubbles.

16. marts
Visiting Jura, with extra cheese.

09. marts
Wines to fitting outside behaviour; Aromatic, floral, zingy deliciousness.

02. marts
Orange wines made without using oranges

24. februar
New vintages from Cornelissen and Matassa

17. februar
Nye frugtige bobler i huset!

03. februar
Corton-Charlemagne vertical from Dublère Vintages 10´· 11´· 12´· 13′

27. januar
Chianti from the center of the world

20. januar
Blaufränkisch from many angles.

13. januar
Nytårskur · New Years Levee
Oysters and wine

06. januar 2016
Wines to kick start the new year and keep you warm. Served by our newest member of our family Anders.

29. december (Tuesday 5 pm)
Champagne · Champagne · Champagne
The Line up:
1. Longitude · Larmandier-Bernier
2. Fidèle · Vouette et Sorbée
3. Côte de Val Vilaine · Roses de Jeanne
4. Rosé de Saignée · Larmandier-Bernier
5. Efflorescence · Marie Courtin
6. La Closerie · Jeróme Prevost
7. La Colline Inspirée · Lassaigne
8. Cumières 1. cru · George Laval
9. BdB 2000 · Beaufort
10. L´Artiste · Léclapart

23. december
Bourgogne with a touch of Christmas

16. december
Christmas III: Italy

9. december
Christmas II: Rhone Valley

2. december
Christmas I: Austrian treats

25. november
Bubbles of the non Champagne persuasion. To remind us of all of the 29.12

Yes we have been tasting since June…

24. juni 2015
Rødevine til at holde varmen på…
Reds which keep the summer in check…

17. juni
Meinklang er på besøg.
Meinklang is visiting.

10. juni
Losé with an r…

03. juni
Vine fra den krøllede hjernehalvdel

27. maj
We will investigate drinkability in red wine.

20. maj
New vintages in stock, we explore old and new friends.

13. maj
First participant has a say.

06. maj
Rainer Wess fra Kremstal besøger os. Så står den på Grüner Veltliner og Riesling.
Rainer Wess from Kremstal is visiting. This means Grüner Veltliner and Riesling.

29. april
Tysk Riesling.

22. april
Maurice har været i Beaujolais, det skal vi høre om!