Monday food is staff food for everyone; a meal to share in good portions with good friends.  Sometimes there is enough for a second helping, sometimes not.

We serve the first to arrive from 18:00 and the price is 100,- The food is prepared by guest chefs from near or far and by ourselves from time to time. It is based on our favourite dishes and experiences, inspired by good craftmanship.

Announced on the day via our website and sporadic social media.

Not always updated but always served…

We look forward to seeing you.




29. August
Back on line with Kala’s Kimchi!

17. December
Lasagna with spring cabbage

10. December
Japanese pork stew

03. December
Afzal i making Tikka Masala

26. November
Lamb breast with bulgur & middle eastern spices

19. November
Argentinian Spezzatino

12. November
Lamb meatballs & tomato sauce

05. November
Marlene & Kim from Labambar are making simmer food

29. October
Chicken Milanese with roasted potatoes

15. October
Biryani curry with aubergine

08. October
Osso buco with saffron risotto

01. October
Biksemad / House hash

24. september
Roasted chicken & vegetables

17. september
Chicken alla cacciatora with roasted potatoes

10. september

03. september
Asian soup with pork

27. august
Japanese “Biksemad”

20. august
Meat pie

13. august
Pasta Bolognese

06. august
Poke /pˈk/ (Hawaiian for “to slice” or “cut crosswise into pieces”; sometimes stylized Poké to aid pronunciation) is diced raw fish served as either an appetizer or as a main course and is one of the main dishes of Native Hawaiian cuisine.

Today served with salmon, edamame beans and avocado.

30. Juli
Mirko is making his mother’s Vitello Tonnato..

23. Juli
The Elephant is back!

Cooking stægt flæsk, parsley, potatoes and lots of tomatoes…

16. Juli
Hummus & Aubergine

09. Juli
White beans & fennel salad with bread sticks

02. Juli

25. Juni
Thai herb salad · Duck hearts

18. Juni
Leg of suckling pig Porchetta style · Roasted potatoes

11. Juni
Caesar salad

04. Juni
Beef tartar · bruschetta · poached egg

28. Maj
Deer · ramson bearnaise · new potatoes · greens

21. Maj
Japansk biksemad

14. Maj
Tabbouleh · Lamb · Pita

07. Maj
Fish cakes · Potato salad

30. April

23. April
Stirfry · Chicken · Rice

16. April
Lamb  · potato · coleslaw

09. April
Onglet salad · chickpeas  · viniagrette



26. Marts

Katrine’s parents are making Chicken Tikka Masala




19. Marts
Grøntsagssuppe med bacon, grøntsager og brød













12. Marts
Slurp Ramen will join us!


05. Marts
Guest chef David is making braised pork and special garnish


26. Februar
Pork cheeks · rice · kale

19. Februar
Spaghetti · Smoked duck · bone marrow

12. februar
Onglet · tomatoes · aubergine


4. september
Thai suppe med fisk
Thai fish soup 

21. august
Kartoffel – Porre suppe med risotto kroket
Potato – leak soup with risotto croquette. 

14. august

Our elephant is back with Mondays and Tuesdays! To celebrate that, Genzo is making chicken curry for Monday meal at 6pm


17. april
We are open!  And Tue is making curry…

13. februar
Spaghetti meatballs

6. februar
“Butadon” · misomarinated pork w/ rice

30. januar
Skank og mos, et lille uddrag fra Mandagsfilm menuen på Admiralgade 26.
Shank and potato puré, a small extract from The Monday Movie Night menu at Admiralgade 26.

23. januar
Congee, with chicken, mushrooms and greens! Soul food.

14. november

A visit from Il Molino di Grace in Tuscany with food to match.

21. marts
North Thai cuisine, with guest chef: Chanpen from a restaurant not far from us. Don’t miss out it will be a treat.

14. marts
Chicken souffle type, mushrooms, creamy rice, miso and greens.

07. marts
Jonas and Iris, yet another member of our family is cooking, tried to find what, answer: “a lot of different stuff”.

29. februar
Lars makes braised spring cabbage with fennel and potato compote with rosemary ice cream and port poached plums for dessert.

22. februar
Lars, our newest member of our family is cooking braised pork with wintery trimmings.

15. februar
Nicolas cooked in the most French way.

08. februar
Jonas is in a meze mood, with dashi, miso, cod, eggs, endive and more.

01. februar
Our trend from last year with chefs and their parents continues with David and his dad, making his dad’s favourite Boeuf Bourguignon.

25. januar
Jonas is back with his first monday meal in 2016. Something creamy with Jerusalem artichokes and pig.

18. januar
Ramen bu hrímnir.

11. januar
Camilia was treating us to new years cod.

28. december
Jonas’ spicy meatballs and dessert..

14. december
The dynamic duo, David and Emil is visiting, with as they say: “lots of small things“.

07. december
Today: Christian’s cassoulet

30. november
It’s a Jonas two course evening. Dashi and pasta with octopus, sardines and something extra from Sardinia.


Many have made food since March. The last two Mondays a new trend has caught on: Cooks and their Mom’s.


17. marts
The East borough (Østerbro) is coming to Ved Stranden 10 and what a joy. David O Fischer is making his world famous lentils with sausage, double cream and swagger. In picture my daughter’s favorite David dish cacio e pepe..

27. januar
แกงเขียวหวา · kaeng khiao wan tai. Finally winter is upon us, we have been waiting with warm hearts and tears in our eyes. What joy it was to know that it happened on a Monday. I can not think of a better way to start this week. To top that, we will serve green curry with all the trimmings, think of street food and the ability to tuck in, look outside and agreeing on having another glass.

09. december
It is a two course dinner tonight, It is a soup, made from good things and can be enjoyed if meat is not you. For you carnivore folks we add dried ham on you request… For dessert we have trifle with apples. Say it with your preferred accent and It all makes sense…

23. september
Coq au Vin

16. september
Vi er irriterende morgenfriske og koger andebryst, stuvede kål, ribs og gemüse.
We are annoyingly high spirited this lovely morning and are cooking breast of duck, cabbage und gemüse…

09. september
Mr. Timotheus Methuselah is joining us for Monday meal today. Serving root fruits, goat cheese, almonds and parma.