Christian Tschida tasting at Bowline. This Saturday at 1500

Dear All

As a part of the Bowline experience at Noma, we will be joined by Christian Tschida for a tasting of his hedonistic wines.

This Saturday the 7th of March at 15:00, place CM at Noma, Strandgade 93

As we are soon entering the final week of the Bowline, please feel free to browse through upcoming events. For instance a unique opportunity to savour the Whiskeys of Stauning on Monday.

> CM at Noma, The Bowline


Wednesday tasting with Eugenio Bocchino 4th of march 5pm

Cinzia and Eugenio are visiting us on Wednesday, very excited. Piemonte at its best and a domaine that has surely grown in to one of our household names. Situated at the foot of the village of La Morra, the lovely couple makes pure made nebbiolo and barbera from well cared vineyards situated in and between the Barolo appellations. If images fail to appear, think of a red dog called Tom…


Bowline_logo kopi

The Bowline at Noma from now to the 13th of March

A Bowline is an ancient and simple knot used to form a fixed loop at the end of a rope. It has the virtues of being both easy to tie and untie; most notably, it is easy to untie after being subjected to a load. The bowline is sometimes referred as King of the knots because of its importance. 

It started with a simple “yes” and a good reason to gather friends. Facilitated by our new-found friends at Club Monaco and their pop-up store at Noma, we are thrilled to contribute to a well-tied Bowline, serving wine & cocktails (yes, cocktails…). Please join us with Club Monaco, Noma & Koppi Coffee for days of general pleasure, tastings and live music.

As always no reservations, no signing up for tastings, just a not so humble expectation that you join us for a glass.

Lastly, we have not abandoned our corner and continue business as unusual as always…

If you have questions, please feel free to write Maurice the sailor at:

Stay updated at the following address':

For event calendar: the weather report

At facebook:

Club Monaco



Ved Stranden 10



Champagne · the year 2014 a Sunday in december

Thank you for a fantastic tasting, here is how it went down:

Extra Brut (XB) · Brut Nature (BN) · Brut (B)


2008 · Sève · En Barmont · Rosé de Saignée · Oliver Horiot · Les Riceys · XB

2007 · Rosé · André Beaufort · Polisy · BN



NV · Benoit Lahaye · A Bouzy · BN

NV · Terroirs · Agrapart  & Fils · A Avise · XB


An Interim discovery

2010 · Cuvée val Colas Robin · Piollot · Polisot · XB

2012 · Côte de Val Vilaine · Roses de Jeanne · Celles-Sur-Ources · B

2010 · Rive Gauche · Bereche & fils · Ludes · XB


Share with Caution

2011 · La Closerie · Jérôme Prévost · Gueux · XB

2000 · BdB · André Beaufort · Polisy · BN

2008 · L’Apôtre · David Leclapart · Trépail · BN


Mandagsmad med 5 år’s dag · Monday meal with 5 year anniversary

Henrykte, ganske ydmyge & let ved begejstring · Thrilled, humbled & sparked by enthusiasm


Monday meal with extras and some vaganza.

· We just turned five last thursday, very exited and we can’t wait to celebrate with you tonight.

· We have done a menu in poster size, for you to gaze at and indulge. Tonight served at random.

· We will serve a glass of wine, sit with you and share stories.


At eight pm · my bubba

and it will all make sense ·

my bubba ©Karólína Thorarensen



Monday meal

Monday meal continues throughout the summer, but will not be announced on Facebook or Twitter. Drop in and be pleasantly surprised.

Mandagsmad er personalemad for alle, et måltid med gode venner. Hvor vi deler det der er i gode portioner. Nogle gange er der nok til at tage to gange andre gange ikke.

Vi serverer efter først til mølle princippet, starter altid klokken 18 og det koster 100,-.

Maden laves af gæstekokke fra nær og fjern og af os selv i ny og næ. Baseret på livretter, nysgerrighed og godt håndværk.

Mandagsmad annonceres på dagen; her på hjemmesiden, på facebook og twitter.

Ikke altid opdateret, men altid serveret…

Vi glæder os til at se dig.