Happy New Year · This year’s champagne tasting went down well

1 · Larmendier Bernier · Terre de Vertus 08′

2 · Lassaigne · Le Cotet · (110713)

3 · Francis Boulard · 2006

4 · André Beaufort · Brut Reserve GC · MG · lot 08′

5 · Cedric Bouchard · Inflorescence  · V11

6 · Vouette & Sorbée · fidèle · R09

7 · André Beaufort · Rosé GC 2004 Brut

8 · George Laval · Cumiéres BN · L0110

9 · Bereche et Fils · Vallée de la Marne Rive Gauche · Base 09

10 · Jérôme Prévost · La Closerie · LC11


Gut Oggau Gruppenfoto scale

Gut Oggau stopping by for upcoming Wednesday tasting

Allways remarkable!

For further reading please wisit their website here: www.gutoggau.com

Opening at tad later on Tuesday the 15th of October

We are fixing our shop floor, creating bit of a mess. We will do our best to open in the evening at 5 pm.

Have a nice day


Ved Stranden 10


Onsdagssmagninger i august er nu programsat


Drinking historic wine in agreeable settings..

Onsdagssmagning · Styria, vi har været ude og rejse

Fantastiske progressive vine, rendyrket marker, skønne mennesker og en umådelig lyst til, at iføre sig linnedklæde og intet andet..

Vi åbner vine fra: Strohmeier · Sepp Muster · Werlitsch · Andreas Tscheppe. Både de hvide, de gule, de røde, sjældenheder og måske en orange.

Tilsætter anekdoter, et enkelt billede, en hel del livsglæde og hjælp til at glemme regnen..

Vi glæder os.

Wednesday tasting: Styria, we have been traveling.

Fantastic progressive wines, clean vineyards, lovely people and a undeniable urge to become very undressed..

We will open wines from: Strohmeier · Sepp Muster · Werlitsch · Andreas Tscheppe. Both the whites, the yellow, the reds, the rarities and maybe an orange.

Adding anecdotes, one photo, happiness and means to ignore the rain…

Can not wait to see you.



Gut Oggau Gruppenfoto scale

Gut Oggau smagning på torsdag d. 7. marts kl. 1600

Som annonceret i sidste nyhedsbrev kommer Hr. og fru Gut Oggau  på torsdag, med fadprøver, højt humør og forår. Gangen i retningen er som om onsdagen, bare en time tidligere…

Mr. and Mrs. Gut Oggau is stopping by on Thursday! With barrel samples, high spirit and spring. Same procedure as on Wednesdays just an hour earlier…




Scener fra Loire · Eller vi lever derfor drikker vi…. in english

Thoughts and experiences derived from Thomas’ & Maurice’s trip to the Loire. Uncensored… and we therefore take full responsibility…

Tableaux I – Le Verre Volé (Paris 10e) 01.02.13  20:30h – ???h
Like two Norwegians in KBH

We are sitting in the middle of what outside France is known to be the most popular wine bar in Paris. Le Verre Volé. The kind of place where two poor chaps can order a bottle of Fidéle (Champagne from Vouette & Sorbée, ed.), finish it before the appetizers are ready and still afford three or four more bottles. Fast service, delicious but a bit sloppy food (they’re busy in Paris) and a no shit taken attitude towards any customer.

A guy orders a beer for starters. Then a second one for his first course. “You have to drink wine now…” – “but I want a beer, s’il vous plait!”, “We are out of beer”. That attitude.

Tableaux II – La Renaissance des Appellations (Angers) 02.02.13 – afternoon
La Grêle

“It only took 7 minutes. On July 1, hail falling at 125 mph annihilated “150 percent” of the harvest on Château de Roquefort’s 62 acres in Provence. “I say 150 percent because I expect to only produce half the usual harvest next year,” said de Roquefort’s owner, Raimond de Villeneuve.” –Wine Spectator, dec. 6 2012

This year, Raimond makes wine from 17 different domaines. All donations from his friends. From the south to the Beaujolais, even further. A bureaucrats nightmare. All different jurisdictions. The real rebirth of the appellations.

Met Raimond later outside his hotel in Angers. Smoking in the lobby & shouting about libération.

Tableaux III – Le Cercle Rouge (Angers) – 02.02.13 – night
A farmers hot spot

Have you ever wondered where all the cool farmers go after work? Le Cercle Rouge was packed to the gunwales with farmers and all their followers from Paris and other metropoles. You see, in the world of winemaking things are often turned on their head. And we were too.

Tableaux IV – Téléscope (Paris 1e) – 02.02.13 – morning

We found a portal to Copenhagen (taste like, looks like, smells like TCC) in the heart of Paris. Good cup of Joe + one for the road to the Loire Valley.

Tableaux V – L’Escargot (Chinon) – 03.02.13 – ten’ish
Jean Foillard! C’est vous?

After a delicious supper we ask the Mâitre d’ to borrow a bottle opener. Maurice needed a glass after the drive home, so he prepared a bottle of Côte de Py from Foillard.

Mâitre d’ becomes ecstatic. Reminds her of her past as a waitress in Paris. “Jean Foillard! C’est vous?” she bursts out, wondering if she just waited on her idol. Maurice is tempted.

Tableaux VI – Vivant Table (Paris 10e) – 01.02.13 – lunch
In vegetabilis veritas

If fusion cuisine was ever out, it’s back here at Vivant in a refined, delicate and balanced incarnation. However the only thing 90’s about the experience was the 1890’s tiles on the walls. Plates arranged with Japanese precision, Italian, French and Nordic elements merging in pure deliciousness.

Tableaux VII – Dive Bouteille (Brézé) – 03.02.13 – mid day
Humble & Grateful

Wines in a cave, for two days the cellars of the Chateau Brézé are filled with winemakers from all the world. No one feels the need to justify their juice. Wines that would cause controversy on many a table are served to curious visitors; tasted and drunk without comment on sulphite levels or carbonic macerations.

This brought an impression of normality to these comparatively atypical wines. We were humble & grateful to be given this product made by farmers who feel the same towards the soil and the plants that bear fruit.

Tableaux VIII – Here and There (The Loire Valley) – Now and Then
Fra børn og fulde folk…

Here, excessive name dropping feels tempting. Instead, a few qoutes from some anonymous wine makers.

“Being a consultant on organic farming is easy: Stop using chemicals.”

“For many years, I thought the Danes came here to work. Later I found out they came to party…”

“Vous venez à la maison?”

“On se marie, mais on ne s’engage pas forcément”

“Taste my wine quickly, I’m totally fed up with it!”

“You can finish this bottle, then I can go home!”

“Are you from Denmark? Do you know noma?”

“Fucking pizza wine”

“Come back next year when my wife is not here”

“I used to have a wine bar in Paris. Then I moved to Paradise and now I make wine”

“This wine is made with these hands”

Tableaux IX – Chateau Passavant (Passavant-sur-Layon) – 03.02.13  - morning
My grandfather came here to steal things, and ended up buying the place

We stayed the nights at Chateau Passavant, the estate of François David. A real Chateau, rare amongst winemakers here. In the morning he explains to us how his family came to own the property which had sat abanded for a century or so. He then showed us the old winemaking caves which he plans to restore and use himself within the next years. “That nasty smell is a few hundred bottles of vinegar (off wines, ed.) my dad bought. Help yourselves if you want, the appellation guys loved it…”

Maurice slept in one of the kids’ rooms. There was a drawing of a castle on the wall. I guess that’s how a childs drawing of “where do you live?” looks if you grew up in a chateau.

Tableaux X – On the Road to Paris (road) – 04.02.13 – 5am.
Everything was illuminated

On a final note. Rushing to get the hired car back on time (I did it for you Christian) it’s tempting to speed on an empty road in the middle of nowhere at five in the morning. The police know that. Blitz!